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Tips to making your weight loss resolution a reality in 2017

The New Year gives us a new chance to better ourselves. Like with most people, 2017 provides you an opportunity to resolve to make healthy changes. For improved success, instead of setting a vague goal like losing weight, make your resolution a reality by focusing on small changes one month at a time. Some subtle diet tweaks to consider:

Drink more Water

Dehydration can often be mistaken for hunger. Stay hydrated, as it will be easier to recognize your body's hunger signals. Resolve to drink 16 ounces of water as soon as you wake up to maintain a euvolemic state.

Use a smaller plate

Whether for breakfast or at a party, make it a habit to always grab the smallest plate. Smaller plates can help reduce calorie consumption. Just changing to smaller plates at home can help reduce how much you serve yourself and how much you end up eating. You’ll be surprised by how many more calories you can pack into a large plate when comparing say a 6 inch to a 10 inch dinner plate.

Using the smaller plate you'll have less risk of going overboard like you would using a larger container.

Eat before going grocery shopping

Being hungry at the grocery store could tempt you into unhealthy impulse products. Most people are bound to react based on how hungry they are feeling. If you’re not hungry, you will likely make better choices.

Park farther and take the stairs

Slowly increase your activity. You will find that little changes like finding the farthest parking spot or walking up the stairs will slowly add up and help you reach your weight loss goal.

Consider finding more excuses to get moving, like using the restroom on another floor or walking around the office at lunch time.

Join us every 3rd Friday of the month to tour our clinic, meet staff and learn about all of our options available for weight loss. Space is limited. RSVP required.

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