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New Year Resolution Weight loss Tips.

Congratulations on taking the initiative to change your life for the better by losing weight. Try the following changes to prepare your body for your weight loss transformation. Small, easy changes can go a long way to getting to a healthier weight.

Here are some of the Weight Loss Tips that have been very effective with our patients.

1. Clean out your refrigerator and pantry of processed foods. Stock your kitchen for success. Start small by avoiding the junk food isle and sticking to the produce section in your grocery store. Remember if you don't buy the junk food, then you can't eat it. Don't be your own facilitator.

2. Drink plenty of water. Water is not only hydrating but also filling. If you find yourself grazing your cupboards at night looking for an evening snack, start with a glass of cold water. If this satisfies you, then learn to listen to your body, as many people can confuse thirst for hunger.

3. Keep a food diary. Despite your best intentions you may be consuming more than you think. By keeping a food diary you have an objective record of your food intake and don't have to rely on your memory. Evening taking pictures of your food with your smart phone can help track your intake.

4. Resolve to be active. Small changes like taking a walk to mail box can get you started in the right direction. Consider obtaining a pedometer to track your progress. A great goal is to start is aiming for 8000 steps per day.

6. Start a professional nutritional grade multivitamin. Take advantage of all resources to maximize your success. Vitamins are energy boosters that can increase your metabolism. Ask your doctor to check your vitamin levels. You may be surprised at what vitamins you may deficient in.

7. Fuel by day; diet by night! Try not to eat right before bed. Have your largest meals early in the day as your body is primed for optimal digestion and metabolism.

8. Visit our registered dietitian to get a personalized diet and nutrition plan for weight management. Appointments available daily. .

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